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Why Is Tampa A Great Location For Golf Enthusiasts

If your idea of the perfect vacation is to spend time on a sprawling golf course teeing off amidst the beauty of nature, heading to Tampa may be the right thing for you to do. Although holidayers typically head to the sunny beaches of Miami or theme parks of Orlando for their vacation, Tampa is a delight for those with a fondness for golf and the many golf courses here stand testament to this fact. Add in the unique cultural mix of the city and you will agree that this could easily become your preferred holiday spot. Take a look at three reasons why heading to a Tampa golf club may be the best thing you could do for your next vacation.

Reason 1: Less Crowd = More Fun

Huge crowds thronging the roads can put a damper on your holiday mood really fast and this is one good reason to head to a relatively quieter vacation spot. Tampa is a great option in this respect because the majority of the holiday makers tend to head to the more popular spots like Miami, leaving Tampa roads crowd free and easy to traverse. Remember that with fewer vacationers here, you can have far more freedom when you are teeing off at your favorite Tampa golf club too. Take your time to enjoy the game, the sprawling greens and the blissful feel of having the whole day to yourself without worrying about keeping other golfers waiting.

Reason 2: Great Weather for Uninterrupted Golfing

The impeccable weather in Florida is one of the major reasons why this is such a popular vacation destination. With the sun smiling down about 361 days a year, you can enjoy golfing in Tampa almost any time of the year. This makes holiday planning easy. The Sunshine State tag need not make you worry about sweating it out here, though. The breeze off the Gulf keeps things cool here in Tampa while you enjoy a leisurely round of the course without your game being disrupted by unexpected showers.

Reason 3: Other Attractions You Can Enjoy

You may be the world’s biggest golf aficionado but chances areyou still wouldn’t want to  spend all your time on the course. This is especially true if you are bringing your family or partner along. Thankfully, Tampa has a host of exciting options to explore apart from its amazing golf courses. Take some time to enjoy the water-based activities such as diving, boating and sailing. If you love fishing, expect a big catch at the Tampa waters, one of the best places for both inshore and offshore fishing. For those who are vacationing here with young children, there is the 25-acre Adventure Island water park within easy reach where the kids are sure have a blast. Enjoy the evening at downtown Tampa. Visit Florida’s oldest restaurant, Columbia, which is also the world’s largest Spanish restaurant.

Reason 4: Meet the Pros

There is a good chance of you catching a glimpse of the pros playing the game. The Copperhead Courselocated here happens to be an annual host during the Valspar Championship for the PGA Tour. The course is a great favorite among the professionals and also one of the most well known among the four renowned Innisbrook courses. Pay a visit and you may catch some golfing greats honing their skills right here.

Heading down to a Tampa golf club is sure to give you some really great memories you can cherish for life. Apart from some truly stunning golf courses, Tampa also has the beautiful weather and fun activities to make sure it tops your list of favorite holiday destinations.

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