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Rugby World Cup Leads To Counterfeit Ticket Scams

While there is a high level of excitement about the Rugby World Cup, there will be some fans left feeling disappointed. Okay, the very nature of sport means that there are winners and losers and when a team loses, it is only natural that their fans will feel disappointed. However, it seems as though some fans may be disappointed before the game even begins. This is because Trading Standards have issued a warning about counterfeit tickets for the Rugby World Cup. Any fan still looking to buy tickets for the big sporting event should take care and make sure that they are buying official tickets that will allow them to gain entry to the big games.

It seems as though the National Trading Standards has stated that there is a higher level of demand than any previous rugby event. Where there is a high level of demand, it is inevitable that there will be people looking to take advantage of this. Okay, the level of demand for a rugby event isn’t going to match the level of demand for a high-level football match, but rugby is still a relatively popular sport, and people want to see the top teams and players in action. If England or the UK was to host another major football tournament there would definitely be a huge surge in the level of demand and the offering of counterfeit tickets but as it is, rugby can provide scammers with the chance to make a profit.

It isn’t just Rugby Events that have High Demand

Of course, it isn’t just rugby events that can give scammers a chance to make money, it is any major event. Concerts and festivals that sell out are prime places for scammers to create counterfeit tickets in the hope of making money.

Trading Standards teams from across the country are working together in the hope of preventing scammers selling their tickets.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself regarding counterfeit tickets, for any major event, include:

  • Who is selling the tickets and are they likely to have access to official tickets?
  • When will you be able to get your hands on these tickets?
  • What tickets are you actually getting – are they general sale, concessions, restricted view or anything else apart from the standard tickets?
  • Where are the tickets for? Do you know what stand or part of the ground you are buying tickets for and whether all of the tickets are together
  • How much do the tickets cost? Are you paying face value, are there booking fees or other charges included? Is the seller making a big profit and are there are any hidden costs to what you are buying?

These questions are ones that you should ask yourself before any big game or event. If you are buying from an official vendor or a well-known ticket seller, there is a level of confidence about the purchase but you should also consider the cost of the tickets and where about you will be sitting. Even the delivery method of tickets can make a difference and taking a bit of time before purchasing any ticket can provide you with confidence.

Think about the Potential Punishments

Anyone that is caught selling counterfeit tickets or facing charges relating to the illegal sale of tickets will find that they could face severe punishments. There is an increasing clampdown on these crimes with both the general public and the ticket companies looking for bigger punishments to be handed out to people that sell these tickets in an illegal manner. It is hoped that a high level of punishment would serve as a deterrent to people from undertaking this form of behaviour in the future.

This is why if you are facing these charges it is best to call on the best defence solicitors you can hire. It makes sense to call on solicitors who have experience of this sort of crime, because they will be able to represent you in the most effective manner. You may think calling on any solicitor will be enough to help you present a robust case, but given the variety of laws on offer, it helps to call on the services of a lawyer who knows what they are talking about.

Wirth rugby fans willing to pay a lot of money to gain entry to some of the big games, there is an opportunity for scammers to make money. This is why it is vital that everyone is aware of the risks involved with counterfeit tickets.

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