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Importance Of A Golf Shaft In How Golf Clubs Perform

You have probably heard of the phrase saying a golf shaft is the golf club’s engine. But the fact is that the shaft is more like the golf club’s transmission as it connects the hands of the golfer to the clubhead allowing him to move his power to the clubhead and then to the ball. The following are some basics of the significance of the shaft to a golf club’s performance for various golfers.

The Shaft’s Weight is Important to All Golfers

Golfers should be capable of hitting the ball in the air at least 90 percent of the time. As every professional golfer knows, the shaft’s weight is the main factor which controls the clubs’ total weight. Also, the weight of shafts such as fuji golf shafts can strongly influence the amount of headweight needed to achieve any feeling of the clubhead when the swing is made.

The majority of golfers have the ability to increase their clubhead speed as they use clubs that have lighter weight. However, but this does mean all golfers using such clubs in such weight can expect an increase in their shot distance. This requires the weight to be matched to the sense of swing tempo and timing of the golfer so they hit the ball in the middle with the highest possible percentage of time.

Effect of the Bend and Flex Profile of the Shaft on Launch Angle and Shot Spin Rate

This can be done for a specific segment of players who release their wrist-cock angle late in the downswing. When golfers who unhinge such angle early the shaft is not expected to display real differences in the shot’s spin rate or launch angle. This is because a later release will result in the shaft bending as the clubhead affects the ball. As the golfer unhinges his wrist-cock angle, the arms of the golfer tend to slow down as the club speeds up. Such action leaves the clubhead pushing the shaft so it bends forward. When the shaft bends forward, the player expects the clubhead starting to tilt more upward increasing the loft angle. When the wrist cock angle is not hinged by the player until later to very late as the down spring is made, the shaft will bend forward as the clubhead will meet the ball. The loft increase on the clubhead’s face will lead to the shot taking off higher with a bit more backspin.

Impact of the Flex and Bend Profile on the Speed of the Clubhead

The effect is also true on the consistency of center hit for golfers with specific and refined sense of feel for the shaft’s bending action during the swing. This can take place both for experienced golfers who have late release and those with an early to midway release.

A number of golfers can feel as the shaft bends when the swing is made and the amount it bends. Such can occur due to an inherent sense of feel a player is likely to be born with or gets from hitting plenty of shots with various clubs.

Author Bio: Jeff Brandon is a sports blogger and golfing enthusiasts. He recommends Fujikura shafts to his readers looking to get new golf shafts.

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