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10 Quotes Every Player Should Live By

In life, there are moments of super highs and then moments in deep valleys of despair. Ups and downs are a part of every one’s life. When it comes to a sportsperson, there are moments of incredible joy from winning and moments of big disappointment from losing. However, a great sportsperson will always take the crushing moments as an opportunity to learn, improve and get inspired! And, that’s what todays’ post is about. This post shares some top motivational quotes which every player should bear in his/her mindset and live by:

1)    Your dreams will not come true until you work for them. And not just work, work real hard and overcome any obstacles which stop you from reaching your goals!

2)    Moving out of your comfort zone is a must if you want to taste success. Break from it and do things differently. You will learn so much and who knows, you might end up inspiring others too!

3)    In movie Chak De! India, you see one player who gets almost unconscious after doing a rigorous training but the team’s coach (SRK) pays little heed to it. And eventually, she realizes later how it was for her own good and how that strict training helped her overcome her weaknesses. Take rest if you must, but do not stop!

4)    Fear is your biggest enemy. You may even have all the qualities to win skillfully but your fear might hold you back and discourage you. Overcome the illusion of fear and see your life changing for the good.

5)    The journey will never be easy. The more you indulge in practicing, the more skills you will acquire to get stronger. Ensure you wear proper sportswear while practicing.

6)    Always! Always have faith in yourself even if no one does. Your belief in yourself will help you come a long way.

7)    If you ever even think of quitting, just run a playback in your mind as to how far you have come!

8)    When you fall hard, bounce back even when you have 100 reasons stopping you to do so.

9)    Never lose your sportsman spirit! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose!

10) Because life happens when you are busy making plans! Do not get disappointed.

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